Drum Lessons Information


Drum lessons are available for all levels and from beginners through to more advanced players. Maria teaches from her home studio in Preston, on either Tues/Wed (between hours of 1 pm and 8 pm) and Saturday (between hours of 1 pm and 5 pm).


Drum lesson studio in Preston, Melbourne

Drum lesson studio in Preston, Melbourne

Lesson Prices:

30 minutes – $35.00
45 minutes – $50.00
60 minutes – $70.00

Students paying in bundles of x5 lessons receive a discount!
Rates for x5 lessons are:

30 minutes – $30
45 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $70

30-minute lessons are usually recommended for beginners or younger students (6yrs until 10yrs), and 45 minutes or 60-minute lessons are recommended for adult students.

Teaching Method

Maria believes that lessons should be tailored to the student’s musical goals and tastes. This is so they can share the same enthusiasm towards learning and practicing the drums. Therefore, students are encouraged to learn songs by their favourite bands and artists. Maria is able to teach a wide variety of styles; including rock, pop, folk, blues, funk, electro, jazz, and metal.

Lessons cover elements of playing drum kit and music including:

  • Technique – Relaxed hand technique
  • Time Feel – Developing a strong time feel and pulse
  • Improvising – Playing solos and fills around the drum kit
  • Repertoire – Learning songs and playing along with recordings
  • Theory – Reading music
  • Ear Training – Being able to learn songs by ear.

Students have the option of enrolling in AMEB CPM (Contemporary Popular Music) drum exams, as well as VCE assessments and university auditions.  Maria was awarded with the highest points in her Secondary School Year for TCE in Tasmania and knows how to help students do well in their exams. These exams and assessments allow students to adapt to a playing a wide variety of music, including rock, blues, jazz, funk, while also teaching students essential drumming techniques and theory.

Contact Maria on 0488235470 or email maria.n.moles@gmail.com for further information, or to book a lesson today.